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In San Diego, Recycled Water Quickly Wins Fans (And They Don’t Even Have It Yet)

  Today, 73 percent of the residents of San Diego favor purifying wastewater and adding the cleaned water back into the potable water supply. That’s an astonishing leap from 2005, when only 28 percent favored re-using water to extend the drinking water supply. It’s even more astonishing because San Diego famously considered adding re-use water…

Even Your Evian Was Pee at Some Point

  A couple nights ago, my family ate dinner at a restaurant. The silverware we used was in someone else’s mouth at lunch — those forks and spoons right on some stranger’s tongue. Last week, I stayed at a hotel. The linens I slept on, the towels I used after my shower, had been against…

“Sewer Mining” – Efficient Water Recycling Coming to a Community Near You

  It sounds yucky at best, but mining sewage is growing in popularity, especially in Sydney, Australia, where a decade of drought forced some creative thinking about how to get, use and manage water. In 2004, when reservoir levels around Sydney hit record lows during the Big Dry, Sydney Water, the municipal water provider, tightened…