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RISE: Climate Change and Coastal Communities

By Claire Schoen Media Most of the great cities, the world over, are built along the water. So are many towns, hamlets, and villages. But sea level rise and extreme weather, both fueled by climate change, threaten to reclaim coastal lands and the communities that are built on them. The destruction of New York’s shoreline,…

Paddling San Francisco Bay

By Claire Schoen Media An estuary is a magical place where ocean water mingles with fresh river flows, creating a wealth of biological diversity. The San Francisco Bay is actually a huge estuary and through the narrow throat of it’s golden gate, one quarter of its water ebbs and flows each day. Kayaker and journalist…

NASA to Check Whether Phoenix Survived the Winter

No, Arizona, the space agency will not be making a visit to your lovely but likely unharmed state capital. Instead, scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory are hoping against hope that the Phoenix Mars Lander might have somehow made it through harsh winter conditions at its final resting place in the Martian arctic. Phoenix amid…