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What the Disappearing Aral Sea Tells Us about the Value of Water

The satellite image of the Aral Sea recently released by NASA just about knocked my socks off. It wasn’t that the sea was shrinking; that’s been true for decades.  It was how fast it was disappearing. Once the world’s fourth largest lake, the Aral Sea in Central Asia has been losing water for half a…

New Mexicans Call for Conservation over River Diversions

The western United States was settled with the help of big dams and river diversions that delivered distant water to burgeoning cities and farms, but at least one state is saying it’s time to shift gears. In a resounding voice of support for river protection, 85 percent of New Mexico residents say they want officials…

Still Wild and Free, New Mexico’s Gila River is Again Under Threat

In today’s world where most rivers are turned on and off like plumbing works, the Gila in southwestern New Mexico is a rare gem:  one of the few remaining undammed rivers in the United States and the only one in New Mexico. The Gila (pronounced Heela) spotlights what a river can be when it flows…