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Will 2014 Be the Year of the Ocean?

The United Nations says 1998 was the Year of the Ocean, but I beg to differ. I’m fairly convinced that next year will be the year we see world leaders begin to take responsibility for the future of our ocean, and start to turn words into action. We’re also going to see an innovation explosion…

New Caledonia Expedition: And We’re Off!

In the crystal blue waters of New Caledonia, a country slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey and located about 750 miles off the eastern coast of Australia in the South Pacific, a team of experts are setting sail on the next Pristine Seas expedition. Our team has traveled from all around the globe…

The Ocean’s New Mission Control Center

Space has its Houston. Now the ocean has a “Mission Control” of its own, in the form of the spectacular Inner Space Center at the University of Rhode Island (URI) Graduate School of Oceanography in Narragansett. The center, unveiled today as part of the university’s new Ocean Science and Exploration Center and Pell Marine Science…