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May 26, 2013: Staying Safe Going Up Mountains, Injuries Flying Down Cliffs and More

This week, we chat with Conrad Anker who reflects on how difficult it is for even the best climbers to avoid disaster on Everest, Jon Jenkins who is scouring the deepest reaches of the universe looking for signs of intelligent life, and daredevil Angela Proudfoot who skydives against all odds after sustaining a serious base jumping injury.

Where the Wild Things Shouldn’t Be: Roads

I’ve written some about roadkill over the years. (Yes, I know someone who collects fresh roadkill and prepares it for her family, but that’s not what I mean.) Unfortunately, for many people, the only interaction they have with wildlife is seeing it belly up on the side of the pavement. Roadkill is a tragic loss…

What You Don’t Know About Home Burglaries

Just in time for the return to the big screen of Bilbo Baggins, perhaps the most unlikely of burglars in literature, comes this infographic on home theft. In the book I co-wrote a couple of years ago on lighting (Green Lighting), we took a brief look at the question of whether outside security lights or street lights…

Teens, Texting, and Driving by the Numbers

Last September, I attended a live production of the NPR show Talk of the Nation, which featured National Geographic magazine writer David Dobbs and several experts on the developing teenage brain. Dobbs’ article “Beautiful Brains” featured recent science that probes deep into young minds and shattered some of the pervading myths about them in our…