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Data and Authority (and a bit of Scotland)

In my last few posts, I tackled issues around authority, power, and objectivity in the worlds of data and mapping.  My project for this fellowship involves mapping and representing the stories told by a group of Londoner’s digital data, so it makes sense that I would need to grapple with these issues. But even I didn’t think…

June 30, 2013: Avoiding Hippos and Crocs, Racing Up (and Down) Mt. Rainier, and More

This week, we share stories of a few harrowing crossings: traversing the Okavango Delta on foot, skiing up and down Mount Rainier, and we leave tire tracks on Mars where we melt rocks for science.

The Hot, Powerful Water Beneath Glasgow

The city of Glasgow sits above old caverns filled with hot water. Could it be used to heat homes?

Rolex Awards for Enterprise Names 2012 Young Laureates

Swiss watchmaker Rolex announced five awards for Young Laureates at a press conference in New Delhi, India, today “to encourage leadership and excellence in the next generation and to acknowledge a surge of applications from young people for the Rolex Awards for Enterprise this year.”