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Are Sharks Actually The Prey?

Brutally disfigured for their fins and meat, more than 75 million sharks are killed worldwide each year. Through sport, for food and through by-catch, humans have hunted sharks into decimation for more than one hundred staggering years. Where they once ranged valiantly in temperate coastal seas and oceans, they now exist in poor minorities, extinct…

Sharks Cross Fin-ish Line at CITES and A New Era Begins.

By Demian Chapman, Debra Abercrombie, and Carl Safina “Shark Week” came early in 2013, but it was not on TV. It occurred in early March in Bangkok, Thailand, at the world conference of the nearly 200 member nations to CITES—the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. After years of work, vigorous debate on the…