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Ingenuity in Cross-Cultural Communication

What happens when a shared language is not an option for communication? Body parts become elements of a narrative. Rocking hands, sweeping arms, and finger-pointing compose a story. Chronicles are laboriously written out in ballpoint ink on the hand. Nearby objects, such as maps, become visual tools to find your way towards a mutual understanding.

Fish Uses Sign Language With Other Species

The coral grouper communicates with other ocean predators to find prey—a surprising ability for a fish, a new study says.

Elephants Communicate in Sophisticated Sign Language, Researchers Say

  Elephants may use a variety of subtle movements and gestures to communicate with one another, according to researchers who have studied the big mammals in the wild for decades. To the casual human observer, a curl of the trunk, a step backward, or a fold of the ear may not have meaning. But to…

Top 10 Headlines Today: Fish Use Sign Language, Flu Outbreak Mapped…

On our radar today: Predatory reef fish use sign language to communicate with fellow hunters, researchers have mapped the H7N9 avian flu outbreak’s current locations and its potential spread, and…