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‘Pop Astronaut’ Hadfield Adjusting To Terra Firma

  After returning to terra firma after five months aboard the orbiting International Space Station (ISS) with great fanfare, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield says he feels the drag of gravity and like he has aged quite a bit. “It really feels like the day after I played a hard game of rugby or hockey…I am…

The Science Behind ‘Mars': More Sci Than Fi

In real life, humankind may be taking its sweet time to get to the Red Planet, but in the movies, we’ve been there hundreds of times. The latest iteration in the voyage to our planet’s red sibling comes in the form of Mars, an indie animated romantic comedy from Austin, Tx-based director, animator, and writer…

‘Man On A Mission': Every Boy’s (And Girl’s) Dream Come True

Forget taking off your shoes and putting your liquids and gels in Ziploc bags. If you want to be a space tourist, better learn Russian and diaper up. Richard Garriott, a video game developer and son of astronaut Owen Garriott, became the sixth space tourist in October 2008, spending a year training in Russia and…