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How a Sports Club Is Changing Lives in South Africa

The loop of poverty and apathy persists in the townships of post-apartheid South Africa—but for some youth, there may be a way out.

Adventure, Records and Constructive Nationalism

As with other troubled lands, many of the most educated citizens of Pakistan live abroad. Those in the diaspora often feel torn between multiple allegiances. They contend with feelings of guilt-laden compassion for their land of origin, while registering relief on fleeing turmoil. What do we owe our lands of origin? How can we enjoy…

Can a Lionfish-Patterned Suit Repel Sharks?

“Rash guards,” also called “rash vests” and “rashies,” may not be that well known to the general public, but they have been used by water sports jocks for years. Made of spandex and nylon or polyester, the synthetic material resembles a wet suit, but instead of keeping the wearer warm, it helps cool them off.…

Fish on Fridays: Time for New England’s Groundfishery to Hit the “Reset” Button

The following piece was originally published by the Center for American Progress. At the end of last September, I wrote a column, enthusiastically titled “Optimism for the New England Groundfishery.” My theory was that after a history of overfishing, subsequent belt-tightening, and implementation of a new management system, the industry was on the cusp of…

Q&A: NHL’s Matt Bradley on Playing for Team Earth

With Earth skating on thin ice due to climate change, some hockey players in the U.S. are taking steps to reduce waste and carbon dioxide emissions. Matt Bradley (left), a right-winger for the Washington Capitals in Washington, D.C., has encouraged his teammates to recycle and drink from reusable bottles. He’s also taken part in the…