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Crazy Deep Sea Critters From Nautilus

See photos and video of some of the most charismatic creatures spotted so far on the latest journey of exploration aboard Dr. Robert Ballard’s Nautilus.

2,100 Feet and Holding: Inside the Mind of a Submarine Pilot

There’s nothing between me and complete corporeal implosion but a 3 inch thick dome of plexiglass. What goes through the mind of a submarine pilot two thousand feet below the surface of the ocean? And better yet, what goes past the window?

Rare Video Shows Deep-Sea Squid Fighting Epic Battle With an Owlfish

This rare video published on January 13 shows a deep-sea squid (Gonatus onyx) fighting to eat what appears to be a larger owlfish (Pseudobathylagus milleri). The video was made with the remotely operated vehicle Doc Ricketts, by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). The squid, also called the clawed armhook squid or black-eyed squid, lives in…

Scientists Unravel Mystery of Flying Squid

By Valarie Chapman We have only studied a small portion of the world’s oceans – leaving us plenty of room for surprises.  In one great recent surprise, researchers at Hokkaido University have proven that a species of squid can fly (published in the journal Marine Biology). There were rumors and witnesses of these flying squid,…

The Slightly Disturbing Science of Squid

“No wonder our ancestors evolved so long ago limbs that allowed us to escape the water and walk on dry land,” writes Wendy Williams, author of a new book about squid. “I’ll take a lion to a large squid any day.” Learn more about squid and other cephalopods, their astonishing capabilities, and what they have in common with humans.