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In the new ‘Star Trek’ film, Spock stops an active volcano. Is that possible?

In the opening scenes of Star Trek Into Darkness, Spock (Zachary Quinto) is dropped in the middle of an active volcano. His mission? To stop the volcano from exploding before it destroys everything in its path. His equipment? A suitcase-sized “cold fusion” device, designed to destroy the volcano — and nothing else. Is this even…

Captain Kirk Virtually Beams up to Space Station

Looks like hailing frequencies were opened this week between Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek TV and movie franchise fame and the International Space Station orbiting Earth. William Shatner, the actor who played the captain of the starship Enterprise had a lively conversation today with astronaut Chris Hadfield, currently aboard the ISS. Shatner spoke by…

Live Long and Prosper, Says Star With Two Belts

Just about every house has a room where projects go to die. The old computer that you were going to refurbish and give to charity, that set of fabric swatches that were meant to be a quilt, your brief and ill-advised fling with oil painting—all the remnants of things that could have been, but were…