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An Earthship at the end of the world: Peace Boat passengers consider sustainable tourism in Ushuaia

Between October and April every year, scores of gleaming cruise ships bound for Antarctica join the usual array of fishing boats, oil tankers, and freighters at the harbor in Ushuaia, Argentina. Last month alone 22,000 cruise ship passengers and crew disembarked from ships like the Celebrity Infinity, the Golden Princess, and Peace Boat’s Ocean Dream.…

Mayors Voices: The Hon. Robert Doyle, Lord Mayor, Melbourne on the city’s award winning citizen engagement efforts

Like every other city in the world, Melbourne is facing the impacts of population growth, environmental change and financial constraints. The decisions we make now will affect our community well into the future. These are important issues and no government is adopting a ‘business as usual’ approach to the allocation and prioritisation of resources within…

The Mythic Mithun

In his many journeys through Arunachal Pradesh in India, Magnus Lidén has encountered many strange and interesting creatures and practices. The mithun, unknown to most of the world, is a very important and rare breed of cattle.

Searching for Sustainabile Clothing in India

Andrew Flachs researchers the trials of Indian farmers and their rush toward modern farming practices, such as GMO crops and new pesticides. With time to reflect on his journey, he explains why these farmers do what they do, and why the question of how to approach farming is a complex one.

Lindblad-National Geographic, a Ten-Year Expedition of Inspiration and Discovery

Ten years ago Lindblad Expeditions and the National Geographic Society joined forces to inspire, illuminate, and teach the world through expedition travel. The collaboration in exploration, research, technology, and conservation has provided extraordinary experiences to thousands of travelers, raised funds and awareness to address critical challenges to the environment, and inspired people to be better stewards of the planet. In this National Geographic-behind-the-scenes interview, Sven-Olof Lindblad, founder and president of Lindblad Expeditions, talks about the impetus behind the partnership, some of the accomplishments, and his thoughts of the future.

Interview With Seafood Watch Celebrity Chef Doug Katz

Dr. Jordan Schaul interviews Seafood Watch’s Celebrity Chef Doug Katz about the famed sustainable seafood program developed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBAQ) launched the renowned Seafood Watch program several years ago with the initial intent to help keep marine fisheries robust and healthy. The Aquarium reached out to seafood aficionados…

Can Behavioral Economics Help Save Coral Reefs and Fisheries?

It’s not that people don’t care about the environment; it’s that more pressing needs like feeding their families and paying their bills trump environmental concerns. As a marine biologist, I worry about how poverty can hinder the sustainability of fishing, and therefore endanger the future of fishing communities. The “teach a man to fish” adage can only hold…

September 29, 2013: Photographing Every Animal in Captivity, Saving Apes from Guerillas, and More

Join us this week, as we set a world record kayaking 151 miles in 24 hours, then build an Ark to help save all of the world’s animals, teach pandas to breed successfully, and finally, rekindle old friendships with indigenous people in Nepal after 45 years apart.

Australian Research Consortium Engages on Critical Minerals

Article by Gillian Cornish, Artem Golev and Saleem Ali This article provides a summary of the Rare Earths Research Symposium which was held at The University of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane, Australia on Friday 31 May, 2013 with more than 70 attendees from industry, academia and government to discuss emerging research questions surrounding the full…

It’s Not All Bad: Americans and Palm Oil

Climate change and its impact on Americans Your family carefully sorts your trash and composts table scraps weekly and tries really hard to remember to bring cloth or canvas bags to the grocery store. Some of us drive hybrid cars and support wind power, while others ride a bike to work because they want to…

Geography in the News: Ethiopia’s Dam Projects

By Neal Lineback and Mandy Lineback Gritzner, Geography in the NewsTM ETHIOPIA’S CAPTURE OF THE BLUE NILE In addition to Egypt’s latest political turmoil, its government is extremely worried about Ethiopia’s newest dam on the headwaters of the Blue Nile. The Blue Nile is the leading source of water for the north-flowing Nile. Fears in…

The Struggle for Sustainability on Africa’s Little Green Jewel

In Madagascar, environmentalism can often take a back seat to practicality and even survival.

iLCP Photo Expedition to Document Cradle of Marine Biodiversity

“Long term and meaningful conservation success really is only possible if NGOs and photographers work together – very often also working with scientists. If you can get those three sectors working together, you’re pretty much a non-stoppable force.” Thomas Peschak, Conservation Photographer and iLCP Fellow The International League of Conservation Photographers has pulled together an…

The Bottom Line: Food Fit For a King

The annual arrival of spring chinook salmon to inland rivers makes March an eagerly anticipated time of year for fishermen and seafood lovers on the Pacific Coast. Anglers wait all year for the chance to land a hulking silvery chinook, commonly known as a king salmon, and consumers enjoy eating this tasty fish. When it…

Talking Poop With Author of “The Origin of Feces”

In his new book, The Origin of Feces, David Waltner Toews does the dirty work of showing that poop is part of our daily lives—from food to health to sustainability.