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Chinese Cities Show Climate Leadership on a Global Stage

By Zachary Tofias, Head of C40’s Sustainable Communities Initiative By 2030, China is expected to have more than one billion urban dwellers, placing increasing pressures on the country’s cities and leaders to think innovatively in taking action against climate change. At the U.S.-China Climate Leaders Summit in Los Angeles in September of last year, Chinese…

Livelihoods, Jobs, and the Illegal Wildlife Trade

By John G. Robinson

The illegal wildlife trade is big business. Not including the illegal trade in timber, it exceeds $19 billion annually. The trade is heavily capitalized and is part of the same criminal networks that are involved in drugs, weapons and human trafficking. While the impacts on wildlife populations – including elephants, tigers, and fish species – are widely known, the effects on human livelihoods, community integrity, income-generating jobs, sustainable development, and national economies are equally pervasive.

Iron Mountain: “Net Positive Impact” After Mine Closure (Part 2 of 2)

“Net Positive Impact” on biodiversity at closure in the Simandou Project would be a ground-breaking achievement and working example for the global mining industry. Mining and resource companies need to realise that continued increases in global production can only be accommodated through the development of innovative, new technologies that minimise social, environmental and biodiversity impacts…

Forests in Madagascar Turn From Green to Smoldering Red

Some 90% of the once-green isle of Madagascar has been deforested via a combination of tavy—slash and burn agriculture for rice cultivation—and doro-tanetry, a less intensive burning used to augment grass growth for cattle grazing.

Leap of Faith Needed on Green Economy

RIO DE JANEIRO Delegates in Rio will need to take a leap of faith and agree on concepts like the green economy and sustainable development goals without really knowing what they involve, suggest experts on the sidelines of the Rio+20 Earth Summit. “The green economy is a black box right now. We don’t know what…

Farming for a higher purpose in Pakistan

  The fertile alluvium deposited by the mighty Indus river and its tributaries in Pakistan have given the country’s demographic heartland of Punjab an agrarian edge. Yet, errant canal planning and over-pumping from tube-wells have degraded vast tracts of land. Salinity and water-logging afflicts around 6.3 million hectares of land and an additional 4,000 hectare…

New Global Land Rush Trampling Human Rights

It is an age-old story in the developing world, one that rarely ends happily ever after.  Communities without economic power that live off of land to which they do not “own” are devastated when their government transfers the property rights to wealthy outside interests, who exploit the natural resources. These land deals often result in…

Five Years After Katrina, Green Homes in Low-Income Neighborhoods Just Starting to Sprout

By Tasha Eichenseher in New Orleans Huge abandoned swaths of New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward feel like post-apocalyptic wilderness, overgrown grass littered with vacant homes and lonely concrete foundations. But springing up in a few sections are homes of Caribbean blue and Easter egg green–capped with solar panels, secured with energy-efficient windows, and equipped with…