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Hangout With NG Channel “Brain Games” Host Jason Silva

Ever wanted to stop Jason Silva’s mind-bending videos and just ask him what in the world he’s talking about? Well now you can. Join us for a live Hangout July 23 at 1 p.m. ET.

Teen Genius Develops Cancer Test

By Donisha Dansby Jack Andraka is not your ordinary teenager. Instead of hanging out with friends or watching TV, Andraka prefers working in a lab, looking for a new way to detect cancer. The crazy thing is, he actually did! At just 16 Andraka has created a new tool to detect pancreatic cancer in its…

How Cows Could Repair the World: Allan Savory at TED

Herding cattle as though they are part of giant migrating herds could be the key to restoring Earth’s dying grasslands, and trapping the carbon that’s steadily warming the planet.

Bringing Extinct Species Back to Life: Stewart Brand at TED

Scientists now have the knowledge and the tools to resurrect extinct animal species. Learn how they plan to do it.

Photography and Nature: Camille Seaman at TED 2013

Camille Seaman interrupts the stream of high-tech wizardry of the conference with a rich vision of nature, born from her Shinnecock heritage.

Lions No Match for Young Boy and His Invention: Richard Turere at TED

“At the age of 6 to 9, I was responsible for my fathers cows,” says Richard Turere, now 13, and having just spoken in front of about 1500 people at the TED Conference in Long Beach, California. “And these lions were very annoying, because they were killing my father’s cows.” Taking his responsibility seriously, Richard…

TED Prize Winner: Free-Up Kids to Teach Themselves

Sugata Mitra started out programming computers, but is now reprogramming education, finding new ways to get children to teach themselves.

Big Discovery and Big Challenges for the World’s Biggest Animal

At the 2013 TED Fellows presentations, Asha de Vos describes a unique group of blue whales, who live their entire lives in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

TED Kicks Off A Week of “Ideas Worth Sharing”

Well known around the world for its intriguing and inspiring videos, the annual TED Conference is once again under way and this year, National Geographic is coming along.

Crowdsourcing takes center stage at TEDxOilSpill Event

By Ford Cochran If there’s a theme to the morning’s presentations at today’s TEDxOilSpill event beyond the dire consequences of leaking oil, it’s this: Much of the best hope for addressing problems created by the BP Deepwater Horizon well rupture and the world’s larger dependence on fossil fuels lies in large numbers of people collaborating…

TEDx Tackles Gulf Oil Crisis, Energy Options

Nearly 30 speakers—including experts on oceans, energy, ecology, technology, the environment, and activism—have gathered in Washington, D.C.and in live-viewing “meetups” around the world for a TEDxOilSpill event. Prompted by the catastrophic leak at the site of BP’s failed Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling platform, the day-long program includes first-hand observations of the spill and its consequences…