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Waves Discovered on Saturn’s Moon Titan?

Surf’s up on one of Saturn’s moons, report astronomers.

New Titan Photos Showcase Lakes and Salt-Flats

Weather on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, cleared this past summer, allowing NASA’s Cassini spacecraft to beam back revealing views of the giant lakes and Earth-like salt-flats that adorn the frozen mini-world. Northern spring is kicking into high gear on the ringed giant’s largest moon, bringing with it clear breaks from the cloudy winter weather. That is finally…

5 Sky Events This Week: Glimpsing a Green Giant, Big Dipper Rides High

Here’s what’s on tap this week for you skywatchers: Uranus meets the moon, Titan puts in an appearance, and Venus anoints a new moon.

Pac-Man on the Moon

Saturn’s moon Mimas must be a fan of 1980s pop culture. Not satisfied with being labeled the “Death Star moon,” Mimas has now decided to host an interplanetary game of Pac-Man. paku-paku, paku-paku Scientists working with NASA’s Cassini orbiter yesterday released the highest resolution heat map to date of daytime temperatures on the icy moon.…

This Earth Hour, Don’t Forget to Look Up

In 2 days, 23 hours, and 33 minutes [5:12] hundreds of cities around the world will switch off the lights at precisely 8:30 p.m. local time in honor of Earth Hour. This WWF campaign started in 2007 in Sydney as a kind of public statement on climate change: “By voting with their light switches, Earth…

In Space, There’s Water, Water Everywhere

Today on Earth, people across the globe will be reflecting on water for World Water Day. —NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Image by Reto Stöckli We are a water world—just about any gradeschooler can tell you that water covers roughly 70 percent of Earth’s surface. The trick is that just 2.5 percent of that water…

One Saturn Moon, Over Easy

Order up! —Image courtesy NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute Somewhere there’s an intergalactic diner that’s missing part of a really big blue-plate special. Of course, in reality this is Saturn‘s moon Prometheus cast in a rather unusual light, as seen by NASA’s Cassini orbiter on January 27. In this raw, unprocessed snapshot, Cassini caught the moon at…

Saturn’s Moon Titan, ANWR of the Future

There’s so many reasons Titan is just darn cool. Discovered in 1655, the Saturn moon is the second biggest moon in our solar system (beat out only by Jupiter‘s Ganymede). It’s also the only moon known to have a planet-like atmosphere, complete with clouds, a cool fact that unfortunately meant its surface long remained a…