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Under the Desert Sun: Journey through the California Desert

This article is brought to you by the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP). Read our other articles on the National Geographic Voices blog featuring the work of our iLCP Fellow Photographers all around the world. Text and photos by Krista Schlyer, Fellow at the International League of Conservation Photographers. I wake this morning to the smell of…

6 of Nature’s Loneliest Animals Looking for Love

The London Zoo recently put out a call to collectors that doubled as the animal version of a personals ad. The zoo was looking for females of the Mangarahara cichlid, a species of fish so rare that none are thought to exist in the wild, and one that is in critical danger of going extinct…

February 3, 2013: Paddle Boarding Down Waterfalls, Searching for Venomous Snakes, and More

Join National Geographic Weekend radio show this week, as we kayak off waterfalls, refuse to run from charging lions, and treat disease with venom from some of the most poisonous snakes around.

Can Extinct Galapagos Tortoise Be Bred From Living Hybrids?

Photo Sam Abell/NGS Genetic traces of extinct species of Galapagos tortoises have been found in their descendants living in the wild, Yale University announced this week. Now the researchers want to try to revive at least one of the species that have gone extinct by selectively breeding it out of the living hybrid population. “Museum…