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A Small Tribe Thinks Big About Their Ocean Space

By Shaunna McCovey The indigenous people living on the southern Oregon coast have always understood that the ocean and its creatures must be respected. According to the tribal lore of the Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw, Thunderbird was the chief of the ocean, and of all the ocean’s creatures, salmon was…

Tribes Take the Helm in West Coast Ocean Planning

By Shaunna McCovey The Tolowa Dee-ni’ of the Smith River Rancheria in California have always been the caretakers of the ocean and coast. During the summer months, Tolowa families set up camps to fish for smelt on the local beaches. Caught smelt are elaborately arranged on the sand to dry while Tolowa fishermen and women watch…

August 18, 2013: Saving Children in Ethiopia, Reigning In Our Sweet Tooth, and More

This week, we stop an ancient Ethiopian curse, then we explore Iran using century-old images, and finally, we power homes using gas from human waste.

Actor Colin Firth launches international campaign to save the uncontacted Awá

  In north-east Brazil, between the equatorial forests of Amazonia and the dry cerrado savanna, lies Maranhão state, home to the Awá tribe. One of only two nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes left in Brazil, the tribe has a profoundly intimate relationship with their forest, which provides food, shelter and spiritual solace. They survive by hunting for game…