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Integration of Small UAS into U.S. Aviation System

This post is the latest in the Drones and Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Special Series, which profiles interesting information, thoughts and research into using  drones, UAVs or remotely piloted vehicles for journalism and photography, that Kike learns about during his travels. WASHINGTON – The Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration recently proposed a framework of regulations that would allow routine use of certain small…

Researchers Examining Critical World Issues Receive L’Oréal Fellowships for Women in Science

Five outstanding female scientists were granted 2012 L’Oréal USA Fellowships for Women in Science at a ceremony in New York City this week. Each Fellow receives up to U.S.$60,000 to continue post-doctoral research. The program also offers professional development workshops for the Fellows to help them build networks with accomplished female leaders in corporate, academic,…

American Prairie Reserve, a Vast Grassland to Fill Your Soul

  Despite our different approaches, conservationists in the West can all generally agree on one thing: nature inspires people. The diversity, richness and complexities of ecosystems encourage scientists to dig deeper, farmers to innovate, artists to paint, and, perhaps most importantly, the broader public to get out and explore. As we assemble American Prairie Reserve…

Cherry Tree Planting in March 1912 Shaped Public Face of Washington, D.C.

The cherry trees are blooming in Washington. Tuesday, March 27, 2012, marks 100 years since First Lady Helen Taft and the Japanese ambassador’s wife, Viscountess Iwa Chinda, planted the first two trees. No photographs of the event exist, and newspaper accounts were sketchy. But historical records offer a picture of what happened that day and how it came about.