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Stop that Cow: When Ecuadoran Cities Organize to Protect Water Supplies

Arturo Quevedo, the engineer responsible for the watershed protection program for Loja, Ecuador’s municipal water agency, has a kind demeanor. His slightly crooked front teeth are prominent beneath his moustache as he waxes ebullient about clean water percolating through forested slopes, coursing through pipes, and hydrating Loja’s children. But don’t let the gentle, nature-lover exterior fool you. As tender as he is with the landscape, he is equally fierce in sniffing out water-polluting scum.

Epic California Drought and Groundwater: Where Do We Go From Here?

Yesterday our team at the UC Center for Hydrologic Modeling released a report on the California drought.  The report describes the birds-eye view of statewide water resources that we see from the NASA GRACE satellite mission. We’ve been working since the mid-1990’s, well before the mission was launched in 2002, to develop and test methods…

Groundwater: The Elephant Underfoot

Posted by Sasha Richey following World Water Week 2013. This is the second in a series of three posts. The first, called Moving Towards True Collaboration, was posted by Kate Voss in Stockholm. The Hidden Resource Groundwater is often called the “Hidden Resource.” Buried a few meters beneath Earth’s surface, or a few hundred depending…

Phoenix and LA Spar Over Colorado River Water

In a recent volley between Phoenix and Los Angeles, newspapers in those two arid cities pointed fingers at each other over who has the least sustainable water supply. In the L.A. Times, opinion writer William deBuys asserted: If cities were stocks, you’d want to short Phoenix. Of course, it’s an easy city to pick on. The…

A Groundbreaking Agreement to Save Australia’s Ailing Murray River

After years of debate, fiery protests and intense negotiations, Australia has adopted a historic plan to restore flows to the suffering Murray-Darling River Basin. It is one of the boldest water pacts to restore nature on the books, and if successful, could offer a roadmap for overtapped river basins in other arid lands. The plan…