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Securing Water for Urban Farms

As most of us know, a great deal of our food travels long distances by planes, trains, trucks and ships before reaching our dinner plates. Even California – the fruit, nut and vegetable bowl of the United States – imports some of its asparagus from Peru, table grapes from Chile, Navel oranges from Australia, and…

California Cities to Reduce Water Imports From the Colorado River and Bay-Delta

The history of water, especially in the western United States, is largely one of reaching further out to distant water sources as population grows and local supplies get tight. But five southern California cities that today rely heavily on water transferred hundreds of miles from the Colorado River and the San Francisco Bay-Delta are reversing…

Tapped Out: How Will Cities Secure Their Water Future?

Today, global demands for food, energy, and shelter are putting unprecedented pressure on the resources of the planet. Water is at the heart of this crisis. In fact, more than half of the world’s cities are already experiencing water shortages on a recurring basis – based on findings from a study that I published, along…